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May well 15, 2014 submitting ... know your enemy !!! in the 60's protests had been staged versus the vietnam war and also the president ... small did the youthful protesters know the pres experienced nothing at all to try and do with it but was just Center administration in the world large chess activity ... no wonder the protests fell on deaf ears ... they achieved practically nothing ... the Tale is repeated across the world war right after war or useful resource takeover one particular following the other ... all getting perpetrated by precisely the same invisible folks ... they love To place up their visible straw Males in airplane check out for everyone to poke at ... US elections maintain the public mis-directed into somehow considering their vote will deliver a few improve ... Mistaken !!! With this lesson on "econ one zero one" ... or "know your enemy" ... IN ALL Situations It's the WORLD BANKING NETWORK at the base of these issues ... They are really now within the Ukraine executing the same point they did within the early 1900s to condition the russian revolution ... Placing of their jewish renamed bankmaster puppets ... killing significantly more people by starvation and war than any aushwitz at any time imagined .

February 10, 2013 submitting ... the latest "largest prime selection" was just announced owning some 17 million digits ... appears like a fairly large amount ??? properly it can be about the amount of pebbles at pebble Seaside golf system in california ... Evaluate that to the number of all the hydrogen atoms in our galaxy that's vastly bigger but nonetheless a comparatively tiny range in comparison to infinity .

JANUARY 28, 2014 ... given that the northern states grip for an additional night time of extreme Winter season temperature ... the southern states into even florida also from texas to washington DC are now being strike with blizzard conditions ... it's not a "polar vortex" as you are increasingly being informed through the night weatherman who has no clue what is going on .

September 30, 2013 ... COMET ISON ALERT ... comet ISON today made a sunward spike as i predicted it will and is particularly critically connecting electrically Along with the planet Mars ... (see posting down below about it turning environmentally friendly) ... nevertheless it is clear that the appointed NASA special staff of researchers is hiding facts from your above sixty satellites and telescopes it can be using to watch ISON .

just a quick apart Observe ... municipalities within the state are straining with their outdated and overburdened sewage units so my radio show material and new e book Drinking water are appropriate on position AS Normal !!! municipalities are starting to put money into significant quantities ... but picture ... rain h2o is becoming coupled with sewage and all other sorts of squander water like from laundry - showers - dish washing etc and so forth and many others ... and all goes into the cure plant that is definitely overburdened with h2o which is definitely polluted From the SEWAGE WASTE H2o Therapy Process ... This really is INSANE and they would like to guarantee the long run will do the identical by "investing" in this outdated and insane program .

April 29, 2014 putting up ... clive bundy has actually been labeled a racist for telling the reality that the majority of blacks Within this country are worse off under the welfare procedure than they were as slaves (we ain't speaking about NBA stars) ... for that he's labeled a racist ... for over each week including the prime time weekend news applications that may be ALL THEY Mentioned ... Obviously the individuals that Handle the The big apple smooze nooze are extremely concerned about what happened when the public took up arms to fend off an out of control authorities company land grabbing for that greedy senators as well as their crony business enterprise associates ... as other states like oklahoma and through the south responded sending a transparent concept to washington to help keep out ... The present wave soon after wave of horrific tornados focusing on innocent populations is clear weather manipulation complete with 6 (Of course six) earth  quakes in oklahoma just in the final working day .

March 23, 2012 putting up ... my weekly radio clearly show archive has become posted ... if you missed the Stay airing make sure to listen to the archive sub-web site ... join me as i speak about some strange behavior around the Sunlight this earlier 7 days as well as some strange habits at NASA .

JANUARY 09, 2014 ... the POLAR VORTEX Fantasy ... you without doubt have listened to relating to this term remaining blamed for poor cold climate ... It's really a fairy tale catch time period which might be tossed at the public to produce them picture meteorologists understand what They can be executing .

June ten, 2013 ... three rapid postings ... immediately after thoughtful review in the comet ISON situation ... NASA has not offered any true proof that may advise this comet need to be the comet of your century ... Obviously something else is happening driving the scenes ... I've mentioned this prior to and hopefully will discuss this yet again on my forthcoming radio show ... secondly ... concerning the obama spying on citizen scandal ... don't forget obama is simply a pawn within the chain of command and his task now is to try and do damage Handle for the bankers who pull his puppet strings ... naturally They are really spying on anybody who is not a drone brain useless sheeple because they are paranoid Regulate freaks .

Here's your birthright ... the stars ... all that is happening these days is usually to rob this from both you and your grandchildren as well as their grandchildren ... The celebrities ... the freedom of advancing ... most of the matt damon movies to convince you that mars just isn't a place to visit whilst the tier 1 science continues to be there excavating ruins of the historic civilization that experienced connection with earth before Venus the great comet arrived by and robbed mars of its ambiance and oceans ... NASA tier two "science" is intended to maintain you from comprehending every thing that is admittedly happening in outer Place .

June 27, 2014 posting ... Belgium has effectively passed a legislation that will prohibit wind electric turbines from installation in that smaller northern european country ... identical constraints are now being positioned in other european nations ... WHY ??? in nations around the world that have shut down nuclear reactors completely and therefore are Determined for substitute Electrical power are they prohibiting "different energy" ??? Due to the fact Firstly the NASA intended 3 blade wind generator devices merely will not operate ... they don't deliver the Electricity or even a portion in the promised Power ... the europeans are getting out the hard way soon after the government subsidies have already been paid as well as the populations fleeced on above exaggerated returns on energy and investments .

December 10, 2013 ... WOW !!!! i are not able to believe what has just happened ... very first set down and place in your seat belts ... thanks to an innocent posting by a whole new listener over a site ... he has opened a massive international can of worms that exposes a lengthy list of connections that show that the latest initiatives are already made to suppress my get the job done and catapult a list of imposters in my location ... not merely that BUT in the past 7 days standard science has uncovered comets in none apart from the BIBLE ... WOW girls and boys ... you won't consider what is happening ... the rash of misinterpretations and mixture of tier II fairy tale science is staggering but needless to say they make NO REFERENCE to your do the job that has arrive right before for instance mine and Velikovsky .

August 30, 2013 ... my weekly radio show is now posted to the archive sub-page ... i deal with 3 topics ... i talk about the future mars - comet ISON interaction Using the World Mars coming in september and how to watch it And that i also short you around the NASA full blown misinformation campaign that may be now underway concerning comet ISON ... also don't be pre-occupied with comet ISON as its orbit as plotted by NASA will acquire it far from earth and there are no earth crossing asteroid streams associated with comet ISON ... There may be SOOOO Considerably special info misinformation concerning comet ISON The End Of The Fucking World box set Season 2 I am able to hardly believe that it ... someone is using this as being a stepping stone to August 24, 2013 ... my weekly radio display is currently posted ... i deal with 3 subjects together with how Solar diving comets bring about photo voltaic flares and the overall Startup Season 3 dvd collection misinformation getting pawned off on the general public regarding the comet that brought about an enormous CME one other day .

November 01, 2012 putting up ... my weekly radio display archive has become posted around the archive sub-web site ... listen as i talk about Storm Sandy ... Geo Political Socio Engineering ... Temperature Bombing ... i also do another reading through in the 1963 astronomy e book called "Watchers on the Skies" ... and in addition introduce an 1800s book called The Flammarion Ebook of Astronomy to obtain the perspective of The subject of Earth X in the eyes in the 1800's astronomers ... then i fast ahead towards the 1980s when the topic was in full power in the very best amounts of astronomy from the US and other aspects of the world .

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